high ponytail

 The High Ponytail hairstyle has never been out of fashion, although there has been a re-surge of this popular hairstyle amongst female celebrities.

high ponytail woman

The style can be worn with long, medium or even short hair.  The look is very versatile as you can wear it on any occasion.  It willwill look sultry and sophisticated at a black-tie event or just hitting the town with the girls.  Because the pony is often styled away from the face, it allows for a great canvas for making an impact with catwalk style make-up; dramatic eyes enhanced with a kohl pencil, why not add in some false eyelashes or bee-stung lips with a streak of your most catching lipstick.

However, you could keep it simple and go for the au naturel look….as they say ‘less is more’.

How to style a High ponytail

high ponytail style

The ponytail can be achieved by pulling your hair up to the crown and centre (or side) of your head.  You can either twist the hair up to the crown or pull it up un-twisted.

You will need a secure hairband to grip the hair. If you wanted to go for the slightly ‘ruffled’ look, you could back-comb the front of the hair to create a little bouffant (a very popular catwalk look in 2009) then secure the rest of  the hair into the hairband. Another popular High Ponytail look can be achieved with a chopped or blunt fringe.

If you have particularly short hair, the ponytail can be styled using hair extensions.  High or short  extensions are affordable and come in a range of different colours and textures (curly, wavy or straight). Simply pull your own hair into the crown (or side) of your head and secure with a hairband.  Attach the hair extension to your existing Ponytail using another secure hairband…it really couldn’t be any more simpler.

The High Ponytail has never been out of fashion simply because everyone can achieve this look regardless of the length or texture of your hair. On the plus side, it gives you an instant face lift…now what could be better than that!

girl with high pony tail

Fish braid

How to fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are trendy and beautiful. The fish braid can be done in the back, off to the side or even as pigtails. Smooth & sleek or messy & chic, fishtail braids are versatile and fun to sport. Also known as “fishbone” or “herringbone” braids, they look like a lot more work than they are. Learning how to fish tail braid is easy. But if your just starting out I recommend that you master the basic braid first. Just follow these simple steps to braid like a pro.

How to fishtail braid:

1. Start your fish tail braid with clean, brushed hair. If you’re prone to flyways, use a little bit of smoothing cream. Divide your hair into two equal sections, referred to from here on out as the Left and Right Sections.

2. Time to start braiding. Using your left hand, pick up a half-inch bundle of hair from the outside Right Section of hair. For a braid that starts at the nape of the neck, pick up this bundle from just under your ear. Make sure the separation is smooth to avoid irritating tangles.

3. Cross this piece over the Right Section and into the Left Section, adding it to the underside of the Left Section.

4. Repeat on the other side. Take a half-inch bundle from the out Left Section of hair, crossing it over the Left Section and into the Right. You are basically creating a series of alternating x’s against the back of your neck.

5. Keep going, alternating sides, until you reach the end of your hair. Tie off your fish tail braid, and you’re done!

Note that it doesn’t really matter what side your start with; the order here was just done for easy understanding. Do what’s comfortable for you!

For even more versatility, change up your technique. Go for pig tails or a side braid, and you can make your braid look more or less intricate by using thinner or thicker sections of hair respectively.

For an even more intricate look, add a twisted crown down the sides of your hairline. After your first divide your hair, separate a half-inch section out from your forehead and twist it away from your face. Move down half an inch and repeat, twisting into your first section. Keep going until you reach the nape of your neck and secure it with a bobby pin X. Repeat on the other side of your hair, then start your braid.

If you want your fish braid to be smooth and sleek, start with wet hair and use a comb while braiding. Clean up your part and separate your sections out with a comb. Apply barely a touch of non-flaking gel and comb before crossing. Comb each section into its new home, and make sure you pull each section tight.

For a messier look, don’t bother pulling your sections tight. Leave the bumps that form while you braid alone, and shake your braid a bit before securing to loosen it. Don’t be afraid to add a little volumizing mousse to the hair on the top of your head if you want to go messy. Fluff it out for a bit of body and start your braid low for an effortless, soft look.

Especially if your hair is layered, it’s common for little pieces to come loose from your braid throughout the day. Don’t sweat it; it’s just a marriage of elegant and carefree. If it bothers you, keep a stock of mini pins handy to clip the renegades back and away.

Happy braiding!

French braid

French braid

Please check out how to French braid for uptodate braiding instructions for achieving that perfect French braid.

Basic braid

Basic braid

If you’d like to try the fish braid or fish tail braid style but think it’s a little to difficult to get started with how about trying a different braiding technique.

Probably the easiest braid is the english braid which we all do by default and is the one that adorned most school kids and where most hair braiding starts from. 

How to braid the english style (otherwise known ad the simple braid or basic braid)

1. make sure you’ve combined the hair out to remove tangles.

2. create 3 same size sections hair using your thumbs

3. Take the right hand section and pass it over the top of the middle section,

4. Then take the left hand section between the left hand and middle sections.

Keep repeating steps 3 and four until your done.

Finish with a hair band to keep the braid in place.

Basic braid tips

You will get better results if you layer your hair I.e. Have the right and sections in a layer of hair above the middle and the left hand section made from a layer hair beneath the middle section of hair.

Although you start behind your head you’ll find that you can pull the resulting pony tail over your shoulder with a twist to finish the braid in front if you and ensure it lays properly with a kink.


Different braid styles

Braids are definitely in this year, and the new hairstyle trend is being picked up by celebrities and fans alike. One of the favorite types of braids that is seen everywhere today is the fish tail braid. A few of the celebrities that have been showing the popular fish braid are Kim Kardashian, Angela Simmons and Rihanna.

This braid is fairly easy to do and the required steps fairly easy to follow. Learn how to fish tail braid by following this four steps:

1. Divide the hair into two same size sections at the bottom of the back of the head.

2. Use your right hand to grasp the right section of hair. With your left hand take a smaller section of hair from the outside of the left section.

3. Cross this smaller section over to the inside of the right section.

4. Repeat with the left side, taking your right hand to grasp a small piece of hair from the left-side.

Continue crossing these small sections over to the opposite side until you come to the end of the hair. Put an elastic on the end, and you now know how to fish tail braid.

There are also other braids besides the fish braid that are fun to learn and to wear. When considering hair braiding, the best way to start is with the beginners braid. This braid is made with three strands of equal sized hair. The right strand is brought over the middle strand and the right strand becomes the middle strand. Then the left strand is brought over the middle.

A reverse braid is made by simply reversing the actions used for a beginner braid. In other words the right strand is first brought underneath the middle strand. Proceed as before only going under instead of over.

Braids are fashionable and braiding is fun. The fish tail braid is especially popular. The more you do it the better you will be at it. Remember the braid doesn’t have to be perfect. Have fun with it, and enjoy your new style.

Style fish tail braid

Style fish tail braid

How to Create and style Fish Tail Braid

A fish tail braid is a beautiful way of adding elegance or a modern twist to any hair design. This simple braiding process can be done in more ways then just as the nape of the neck or finishing off a ponytail. The best way to start learning how to fish tail braid on yourself or someone else, is to prep the hair. A fish braid can be done in wet or dry hair. If the hair is dry, a mouse or hair creme is recommended to keep down any stray hairs that won’t be held in by the fish braid.

One the hair is prepped and free of tangles, the decision of how to fish tail braid the hair in a certain style. The basic fish tail braid is started like a regular braid, but instead of only 3 pieces of hair that are woven into each other, smaller pieces are taken from the back of the hair and crossed over the front to the other hand. Then a small strand from the opposite side is taken and crossed over to the other side in front of the prior strand. This braiding process is repeating many times until the braid length that is desired is done. The thickness of the strands will create the look of the fish tail braid, to be thicker or finely secured for a very classic look. Once the length of the braid is completed, the end is to be fastened with a rubber band or clip to keep the hair from coming undone.

A fish braid is a great hair style that can be swept up in the bun for a wedding or used in a high ponytail for sporting events. Practice makes perfect, and learning how to create this beautiful braid on yourself or others will help to design newer, modern hair styles.

Fishing braid

Fishing braid

Braid is a hugely popular choice for boat angler as the limited stretch in the line let’s the angler feel the bite with a far greater degree of sensitivity over standard line. Fish braid also comes into it’s own due to the smaller diameter of the line meaning it creates less drag when in the water.

As with every development in fishing there comes a cost. With the loss of give in the fish braid the forces exerted on the hook have increased. Rod fabricators have responded with more flexible rod tips to give a degree of stretch back the angler, others employ traditional mon line to act as a shock absorber.

Fish braid preperation

How to prepare hair for braiding

You can achieve a fantasic look with a fish braid hairstyle but what will make the different to a fish braid or other braid styles such as the English braid, simple braid, French braid is preparation!

First of all have the right tools to hand.

You’ll need,

1. A wide tooth comb a fine tooth comb and (for fish tail braid I recommend using what called a rat tail comb)

2. A scrutchy or hair band – avoid rubberbands which will grib too tightly and break your hair, you want secure not damaged !

3. A mirror

4. Styling cream or frizz control

5. Water mist spray

If you want to achieve a lovely sleek look I recommend having some water spray to hand to keep your hair damp – not wet – try not to over do it otherwise your hair will go frizzy and will take forever to dry out. If you have light hair than you probably already have some styling cream or frizz control potion to hand. Definitely add some to your hair if you want that smooth and sleek look.

Combining out is essential for hair braiding, that’s why you should employ two combs to make sure you your hair is in perfect order before you start.